To Our Global Partners

  • Meinan Dental is working tirelessly with our mission, “With gratitude and passion for challenge in mind, we deliver valuable products and services to dental workplaces.”

    As a trading company, we import and market dental equipments throughout Japan. We partner with leading manufactures around the world (from dozens of countries, including Germany, USA, France, Italy, China, Korea), and by establishing strong relationships with them, we acquire highly-demanded products in Japan.

    We then work closely with local dealers, and aggressively promote our products by delivering accurate product information. Meinan Dental is also the very first dental trading company with own Youtube channel. By incorporating SNS services into our digital marketing strategies, we provide products and services to dental offices and laboratories all over Japan.


    Our Competency

    Smooth Interaction

    Our trade department is staffed with multilingual team members (English, Chinese, and Korean), who take care of day-to-day trading paperworks, and also serves as a contact point for foreign manufactures. You will be able to communicate with our friendly staff, so our interactions will be smooth and flexible.

  • Wide Variety of Products, From Digital to Analogue

    Meinan has over 40 years history as a dental trading company, so we have considerable experience and proven records in dental industry. Also, as Japanese dental trading company, we started dealing with digital products, such as CAD/CAM, from early stage. Through these experiences, we have acquired a great deal of sales and marketing expertise in various kinds of products and services, from digital to analogue. Besides, we have experiences in sales/marketing for both of dental offices and dental laboratories. With Meinan, you can reach both markets effectively.

  • Marketing with Effective Communication

    Our president, Yohei, is posting weekly YouTube videos, introducing various easy-to-understand product information as a YouTuber. Local companies that utilize this kind of vigorous promotion through online video sharing platform is limited, making this one of the strong differentiators.
    We have a showroom in a very convenient Tokyo Hanzomon area (near Imperial Palace), showcasing various lines of products, such as CAD/CAM, 3D Printers, Laser Welders, Intra-oral cameras. We also use this space for seminars. Recently, due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are focusing on virtual seminars, where instructors from our global partners join via ZOOM.

  • Sales and Technical Expertise

    Some of our sales team members have background as licensed dental technicians, so we can effectively introduce highly-specialized products to our customers with ease. We also take after-sales support seriously. Meinan is staffed with diligent technical engineer team, who will support repair services and quality management.